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£30m Awarded to the “Sustainable Journey to Work” Programme


In 2011 we submitted a bid for funding a major investment programme through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The bid was submitted in three stages. In April 2011 we applied for funding for a "Key Component" of our sustainable transport programme. In June 2011 we submitted an initial proposal for funding the remaining part of the programme, which is much larger. In December 2011 we submitted a detailed business case for the whole programme. All three bids were successful, and South Yorkshire was awarded the full requested amount, worth nearly £30 million of funding for investment in this programme.

The funding we have won will support an integrated investment along 4 geographical corridors in South Yorkshire. These 4 corridors were selected based on a combination of genuine local need and a high potential for carbon-friendly economic growth. This growth would be achieved through widening labour markets, increasing business productivity and facilitating sustainable commuting. Investments include bus priority; “Jobconnector” bus services; cycle routes; upgrade of tram stops; rail-based Park and Ride; promotion of electric vehicle use; infrastructure to unlock urban regeneration; training, marketing and travel planning.

A short video describing our programme was presented in 2011 as part of our bid.


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Download our main bid document

(Low Resolution) - for faster download (PDF 8.39Mb)
(High Resolution) - for improved map detail (PDF 28.5Mb)


Supporting Documents

The background work to support the development of the Sustainable Journey to Work programme included consultation, analysis, forecasting and appraisal. This work is documented in a series of Annexes to the main document.

Download Annex 1: Our LSTF programme in detail Download Annex 2: Cost breakdown of the LSTF programme Download Annex 3: Initial prioritisation of bid options Download Annex 4: Advanced prioritisation of bid options Download Annex 5: Engagement with the business sector Download Annex 6: Local Model Validation report Download Annex 7: Forecasting report Download Annex 8: Value For Money analysis report Download Annex 9: User guide to technical folders Download Annex 10: Social and distributional impacts Download Annex 11: Risk and optimism bias Download letters of support from our partners (PDF 4.4Mb)  

Our “Key Component” Bid

Our “Key Component” bid focused on enabling people in South Yorkshire to access employment and training. We were successful in this first stage and awarded £5m from the fund.

Download the "Key Component" bid (PDF 5.2Mb)

Our Initial Proposal

This is the proposal we submitted with an early specification of the proposed investment and its justification. This stage was successful as well and we were subsequently invited to submit the full business case presented above, which resulted in the award of additional £25m.

Download the "Large Project Initial Proposal" (PDF 2Mb)