South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
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Other supporting documents

The documents listed below have been developed alongside our Transport strategy and implementation plan to help deliver the vision and aspirations of the Sheffield City Region (SCR).

South Yorkshire Strategic Network (PDF 1Mb) - This document outlines the South Yorkshire strategic road network including the strategic public transport network.

South Yorkshire Highway Asset Management Plan (PDF 524Kb) - This document provides overview of policy drivers and investment decisions that affect the maintenance of the highway network within South Yorkshire.

SY Cycle Action Plan - This document recognises the strateigc importance of getting more people cycling in South Yorkshire.  The main delivery mechanism is to encourage a cultural shift to more sustainable and active modes of travel.

South Yorkshire Frieght Strategy and Action Plan (PDF xxMb) - The South Yorkshire Frieght Strategy had been developed in synergy with other LTP policy measures, considering all modes used for the transportation of freight including road, rail, air, waterways and pipelines. (delete this sentence and reinstate this on the site when final draft is approv